Getting Here – Moving To Alaska

Thinking about moving to Alaska? We are here to help. Here are some common links and as well as answers to common questions.

Heading North By Air

Flying to Alaska is the quickest way to get here. And if you have a direct connection between a US city to Anchorage, you don’t need a US Passport or a US Passport Card since you are not leaving the country. Tickets to Alaska are generally cheaper in the winter and become more expensive as the tourist season hits April to September.

Heading North By Road

The adventure to Alaska is exciting and fun, but you may have to turn around if you haven’t done the proper planning.  You leave the country when you enter Canada. You will need a US Passport or US Passport Card for each person in your vehicle. If you are bringing pets, you will also need up-to-date documentation on vaccines and rabies in order for them cross the border with you. Here are some links to get your started.

Heading North By Sea

Want to relax on your way up? Traveling to Alaska by sea is a great way to truly experience and appreciate the beauty of Alaska. Be sure to bring your camera!

Time for a Tip!

Alaska has it’s own time zone.  We are 1 hour behind the West coast and 4 hours behind the East coast.  We observe Daylight Savings.

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