Relocating to Alaska - Military Resources

We understand having to pick up everything and move can be a very stressful time. That is why we specialize in helping military families get from point A to point B. Here are some of the helpful tools that we have collected for your move.

Shopping in Alaska

In addition to the military bases having Exchange stores, Anchorage is home of a lot of the popular every-day stores like Walmart, Fred Meyer, Bestbuy, Kohls, Petsmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Old Navy, OfficeMax, IMAX Theaters, Lowe's, Home Depot, along with a lot of the common family restaurants like Applebee's, Red Robin, Olive Garden, T.G.I.F's, Golden Corral, Texas Steak House, and so on. We also have award winning fine dinning, unique bars, and entertaining night life activies.

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