O'BANION Real Estate & Relocation SERVICES LLC

Buyer Representation

We are a boutique Real Estate Brokerage and although small we have 40 plus years of combined experience in helping buyers successfully find the home that fits their needs. We understand that buying a home is a big commitment and is foreign territory for many people.

We pride ourselves in first conducting informative buyer education in a one on one environment to enlighten the buyer in how to make a correct investment choice and the pitfalls of buying a home. Below are some points of interest we cover with every buyer prior to shopping for a home.

  • Buyer 101 class. Geared towards first time home buyers
  • Buyer 202 class. Geared toward the second-time home buyer or a buyer that is new to the State of Alaska.
  • Understanding the demographics of our market.
  • Home inspections and looking for a quality-built home.
  • Differences in energy ratings.
  • Pitfalls of buying old homes.
  • Looking for exit strategy in the home you buy.
  • Loans: FHA, VA, Conventional, AHFC, REHAB
  • What to expect after submitting your offer.
  • Actions that happen during a normal transaction.
  • Explanation of various terms used when discussing Real Estate.
  • Expectations of all parties during a transaction
  • Differences between Condominiums, Townhome and Single Family Homes.
  • New construction vs existing construction
  • Earnest money: What is it and what happens to the money during and at the end of the transaction?

This list is not inclusive but is meant to give you an understanding of what we try to accomplish with every buyer on every transaction. We hope that we leave you feeling like you did not get “sold” a home but led you down a path to happy home ownership.